Mary's Spanking Friends 2: Stella and Mary are spanked at the beach and then whipped when they get home (Friends with Spanking Benefits)

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Mary's Spanking Friends 2: Stella and Mary are spanked at the beach and then whipped when they get home (Friends with Spanking Benefits)

Mary's Spanking Friends 2: Stella and Mary are spanked at the beach and then whipped when they get home (Friends with Spanking Benefits)

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Bristol's finest folk/emo/punk rockers bringing their big back catalogue of bangers to Sheffield for the first time. you're in for a whipping and you should have thought about this before you were such a brat to Stacy.

She told me to get over her lap before I knew it she pulled my shorts down and yanked me over her lap and began to spank me. After eating some of my friends walked home with me, since we are in the same direction, and I invited them in so we could do group assignments. I sometimes still get hit on the bum as well but you sound a lot more traumatised by it if you could go into more detail maybe I will understand better. Ithinkwhat’she’sgettingatisthere’sadifferencebetweenspanking(hittingsomeone’srearendmultipletimesinthesameinstance)andoneoffslaps. When I picked up my gf from her part time job earlier, she told me that earlier this afternoon, her best friend [F21] wanted to try spanking her.

I thought I posted this comment/story on another post (under anonymous, before I registered on this site) but I can’t even find it now… so sorry if it looks like I am repeating!

While Mom is off on a weekend women’s retreat, Junie has to stay behind to play waitress for her stepdad and his lecherous friends. Even my friends could not conceal their stupid giggling, all while my bottom was starting to burn as if someone had lit a match to it. She then told my siblings if they didn’t stop laughing at me right now they’re going over the back of the couch too, wielding the spoon at them. The laughter stopped very fast, since they now how badly that oversized spoon stings, even over dry clothes!When I saw my friends at school the next day it appeared that two more bottoms had suffered the same date as mine at the hands of angry and embarrassed moms who were only too keen to show their daughters what they thought of misbehaving in someone else's house.

Stella and Charles have had a domestic discipline relationship for a few years and Mary loves to be spanked but she has never found a suitable partner until now.What works best as a form of discipline for one child may or may not be effective on a brother or sister of theirs. I was frozen in fear, my face bright red and tears streaming as stepmom yanked my pj pants down, made me step out of them. My parents are the more traditional type and believe in family rules and discipline, growing up with regular spankings, usually administered by mom. I protested it was not me threw the ball that broke the window but all my pleading was in vain as over the maternal knee I went for another bright red bottom, the second within 24 hours. She put her arm around me, kissed me on the head, and said she would not have spanked me like that had she known I had a wet suit underneath.

desperately trying to cover my small patch of brown pubic hair in front with one hand while protecting my bare behind with my other hand. It actually felt good laying over my friends knee with my butt up in the air accept I couldn't stop laughing.We were playing football in her house when I threw it too hard it I hit a picture of hers and broke it. I said i'd end the spanking after 20 more swat but she would have to count each one, and if she skipped or missed one I would restart. We soon found out as Mrs Johnson, having let her own howling daughter up, beckoned another of us over her knee with predictably the same results.

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