Did You Hear about Kitty Karr?: A Novel

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Did You Hear about Kitty Karr?: A Novel

Did You Hear about Kitty Karr?: A Novel

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Underdeveloped and/or Boring Main Characters: Elise, the older sister and our main point of view, seemed miserable in her life yet also unwilling to do anything about it until Kitty's gift which made for a chore to read. A multigenerational saga that traverses the Jim Crow South, the glamour of old Hollywood, and the seductive draw of present-day showbiz as secrets split a family tree into Black, white, and something in between.

Elise is preoccupied with managing her image and avoiding the paparazzi, until the death of neighbor Kitty Karr, Elise’s beloved mentor, who leaves a fortune to Elise and her two sisters. A multigenerational saga that traverses the glamour of old Hollywood and the seductive draw of modern-day showbiz. Kitty quit acting in her early fifties and, aside from a few rare public appearances, hadn’t been photographed in more than twenty years. The story became a lot more interesting to me after it opened up a second timeline about a single mother in the segregated South in the 1930s-50s. Too Many Side Characters: There are so many characters and names mentioned in this book, and a lot of them are easily forgotten and it causes certain plot points to not hit as hard as it could.

When the late White movie star, Kitty Karr Tate, leaves her multimillion dollar fortune and estate to the St. And don’t even get me started on the reviews saying “Taylor Jenkins Reid did it better in Evelyn Hugo”.

Not to mention I think once kitty did become famous especially anytime after 1998 and the Internet people would’ve found out her real heritage people are writing reviews like this book is so profound but it really is stereo typical you have the African-American billionaire family yet they all smoke pot and then you got kitty car who was taught as a young child to pass as a white person and then essentially given up by her mom to do just that is it she couldn’t ever speak or see her mom again but I guess everyone loves this book I myself did not I usually love the books I get from Henry Holt and Company but this one not so much. Having said that, this storyline of black women trying to or having to pass as white has been way overdone in the past year or two. But suffice it to say the novel presents many thought provoking conversations on race and the experiences of Black women in America, both past and present. Sometimes in books with multiple timelines, I enjoy one more than the other and that was the case here — I strongly preferred the 1950s storyline, which I found more interesting between the two.A compelling odyssey into the consequences our choices can have across history and generations, the moral complexities of those choices, and the devastating secrets hidden behind even the most glamorous and opulent of lives and the most 'pristine' family trees. The "Present": This book is set in 2017, which is mostly due to the racial undertones of the book and that time in the US and has dual timelines between the past and "present" (2017) until we come upon the current conflict. Kitty Karr is an iconoclastic, complicated, and fascinating woman whose legacy is as relevant as ever today. John estate, the labyrinth was constructed of leafy green hedges and rose bushes that increased in height and girth further into the maze.

The audiobook has separate voices for each character, and Ariel Blake, Kineta Kunutu and Lynnette Nicholas did a great job of telling such an emotional story! Propulsive and entertaining, with broad historical relevance and critical cultural significance, this is the uniquely American story we all need to read—it holds a piece of all of us. However, the modern portions of the novel, which follow Elise in the wake of Kitty’s death, were a significant drop in quality. The fog was low and thick, so she removed her heels before descending to the third tier of yard and through the vegetable garden that hid her father’s studio. That portion of the novel also focuses on the love they have for each other, and the struggles of living under segregation.What it tells me is that you either 1) do not have Black friends, or 2) you DO have Black friends but they don’t tell you anything of substance because they see you for what you are. She stayed on the Perch until her 6:00 am alarm for her workout, mandatory for her anxiety management. In addition to the regular and intrusive press coverage to which the family is subjected, the media is anxious to find out why the three Black St.

Propulsive and entertaining, with broad historical relevance and critical cultural significance, this is the uniquely American story we all need to read―it holds a piece of all of us. She’d been awake almost twenty-four hours, and Elise could see the rhythm of her mania, although to her sisters it probably looked like excitement. VERDICT Paul's novel highlights the burden and loss of racism by focusing on the color line and passing. James was a producer who played fourteen instruments, wrote and arranged music, and had a vocal range from Maxwell to Barry White. She was two decades older than both Elise and Rebecca and had never been impressed with Rebecca, whose childhood playmate had been her first and only client for the last ten years.

But what she discovers in one of Kitty's journals rocks her world harder than any other brewing scandal could—and between a cheating fiancé and the fallout from a controversial social media post, there are plenty. What is less obvious, by design, are the steps many people took to create new lives for themselves once they reached LA from less hospitable places. For instance, at one point, it took me a beat too long to realize the character Sarah was Elise’s mother! So just keep that in mind that this novel puts you right in the middle of the action right away, at least for Elise’s storyline. Perhaps more poignant are the brave and strategic choices made by prior generations of women determined to secure better lives for their children with no assurances that those choices would be rewarded.

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